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Headline News from - January 6, 2016


  • Samsung Pay watch app coming soon - PhoneArena - "Samsung's own mobile payment system — Samsung Pay — will also become available on both the Gear S2 and Gear S2 Classic.
  • Ethereum Will Arrive (and 15 Other Blockchain Predictions for 2016) - CoinDesk - "Scalability will become the holy grail of public blockchain tech."
  • Record-Breaking Holiday Season for the App Store - Apple - "In the two weeks ending January 3, customers spent over $1.1 billion on apps and in-app purchases, setting back-to-back weekly records for traffic and purchases. January 1, 2016 marked the biggest day in App Store history with customers spending over $144 million. It broke the previous single-day record set just a week earlier on Christmas Day."
  • Corporate Governance and Blockchains - Harvard Law School - David Yermack - "In this paper, I identify in more detail how the use of blockchains could affect corporate governance from the perspective of corporate managers, institutional investors, debt investors, auditors, and other groups."


  • MasterCard and Coin Sign Agreement to Power Wearable Payments - “The great thing about the MasterCard program is that we are adding payment functionality to items that consumers are already using – fitness bands, jewelry, clothing, watches,” said Sherri Haymond, Senior Vice President, Digital Payments, MasterCard. “This makes the products more useful for consumers and enhances the value device manufacturers can deliver to their customers. Coin complements that approach and enables us to reach an expanded set of device partners.”
  • SWIFT announces 10% rebate on 2015 messaging - "The 10 percent rebate comes on top of the 2015 discount for high volume connections, which we estimate to have totalled EUR30 million," added Francis Vanbever, CFO at SWIFT. "In 2010, SWIFT set out a multi-year strategy to cut message prices in half by the end of 2015. We already reached our price reduction commitment at the end of 2014, one year ahead of schedule. By the end of 2015, the total price reduction over the 5-year period reached 57 percent."
  • MasterCard, Samsung Make Everyday Shopping Easier in Tomorrow’s Smart Home with Launch of Groceries by MasterCard App - "The first shopping app integrated into a refrigerator, Groceries by MasterCard connects consumers to leading grocers in the most convenient and efficient setting – their kitchen. Groceries redefines the family grocery shopping experience by allowing households to share, build, manage and modify their grocery lists and shopping carts throughout the week."


  • Payments in Portland (OR) - Join us Thursday, January 28th from 5:30-7:30 PM to hang out with your colleagues and competitors to discuss all things payments! We'll have appetizers, Oregon beer and wine. For the first time, Payments in Portland is including a short topical briefing - this month on "B2B Payments - Promise and Problems." If you have a Portland payments presence and something to say on B2B payments, let us know! RSVP HERE!


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