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Headline News from - January 5, 2016


  • Enough with the 2016 Predictions – Let’s Think Bigger! - Payments Views (Allen Weinberg) - "As I was slogging through the many payments-related articles and blog posts reminiscing about 2015 events and making predictions for what may or may not be ahead in 2016, I thought of a conversation I had with Scott Loftesness around 20 years ago, sometime in 1995 or 1996. "
  • The Future of Mobile Chatting: Commerce - Wall St. Journal - "Five years later, WeChat’s hundreds of millions of users in China tap the service to send money to friends, buy shoes and even book doctors’ appointments."
  • Apple Pay may have found its perfect market in China - Quartz (Ian Kar) - "All told, conditions couldn’t be better: retailers are ready to support the technology (which has been an issue in the US), consumers are comfortable and experienced with mobile payments, and a lot of iPhones are Apple Pay compatible."
  • Thought Bitcoin Was Dead? 2016 Is the Year It Goes Big - Wired - “In 2015, we saw a lot of financial institutions, banks, thought leaders say: ‘It’s not about bitcoin, it’s about blockchain.’ That is a mistruth.”
  • Man Has 1,497 Credit Cards - ABC News - "Walter Cavanagh has 1,497 valid credit cards -- all of which amount to a $1.7 million line of credit."



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