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Headline News from - January 25, 2016


  • Battle Between Signature & PIN Rages On - TMG Group Blog - "Regarding EMV chip credit cards at the point-of-sale, the argument over signature vs. PIN isn’t likely to be resolved anytime soon, as there are pros and cons for each."
  • Digital Asset Holdings: Moving Hyperledger to the Linux Foundation - Digital Asset Holdings Blog - "Digital Asset’s Hyperledger implementation is an enterprise-ready blockchain server with a client API. Hyperledger has a modular architecture and configurable protocol properties. Hyperledger employs an append-only log of financial transactions designed to be replicated at multiple organizations without centralized control."


  • New DTCC White Paper Calls for Leveraging Distributed Ledger Technology to Solve Certain Long-Standing Operational Challenges - "The industry has a once-in-a-generation opportunity to reimagine and modernize its infrastructure to resolve long-standing operational challenges," said Michael Bodson, President and CEO at DTCC. "To realize the potential of distributed ledger technology in a responsible manner and to avoid a disconnected maze of siloed solutions, the industry must work together in a coordinated fashion."
  • U.S. Bank Repositions Brand, Launches “The Power of Possible” - “From 19th century pioneers to 21st century entrepreneurs, U.S. Bank has always focused on helping customers achieve financial success and security,” said Richard Davis, chairman and chief executive officer of U.S. Bancorp. “Since the day we opened our doors, our employees have been passionately making possible happen for our customers, communities, and each other. Today we are formalizing it by introducing the Power of Possible.”
  • JCBI to Issue the First Virtual Card with CITIC in China - Kimihisa Imada, Deputy President of JCBI said, "Online shopping by Chinese consumers has been growing remarkably and now it's essential for shopping in daily life. On the other hand, that means the customer needs even better security. Virtual cards minimize the risk of card information being stolen and help prevent fraud. One of our most important missions is to provide a secure payment environment, and we will continue to work on doing that in cooperation with CITIC and other partner financial institutions in international markets."
  • Discover it® Secured Credit Card Helps Consumers Build or Rebuild Their Credit with Responsible Use - "The Discover it Secured Credit Card requires applicants to provide a security deposit, which Discover holds as collateral. After one year as a cardmember, Discover will begin to review Secured Credit Card accounts each month to see if cardmembers can transition to an account that does not require a security deposit."
  • CPI Card Group Joins the FIDO Alliance, Advocates for Worldwide Authentication Standards - “The decision to join the FIDO Alliance was born out of our vision to deliver world-class customer experiences through our technology, spanning smart payment card manufacturing to mobile payments services,” said Steve Montross, CEO of CPI Card Group. “As active stewards of consumer privacy and protection, our company is proud to join like-minded organizations to pool our resources to create safer transaction and computing environments for all.


  • Payments in Portland (OR) - Join us Thursday, January 28th from 5:30-7:30 PM to hang out with your colleagues and competitors to discuss all things payments! We'll have appetizers, Oregon beer and wine. For the first time, Payments in Portland is including a short topical briefing - this month on "B2B Payments - Promise and Problems." If you have a Portland payments presence and something to say on B2B payments, let us know! RSVP HERE!
  • Real Time Payments in the US: Implications for the Payment Industry - Atlanta, GA - February 10, 2016. Glenbrook's Elizabeth McQuerry will be moderating this discussion on what "faster payments" really means, how it's been implemented in other countries, and how it may shape banking and how we pay.


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