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Headline News from - January 19, 2016


  • The Really Big Questions in Payments - (Carol Coye Benson) - "Glenbrook’s Allen Weinberg wrote a few weeks ago about his view of the Grand Challenges in payments…. a daunting list, and one I agree with. But I want to extend his discussion on one of his challenges: “Realigned value chain economics in a push payment world”, and add two more: “What is the proper role for government in the issuance of money?” and “Who owns the payment address?”"
  • As More Pay by Smartphone, Banks Scramble to Keep Up - New York Times - "If the banks fail to meet the challenge, Brian Moynihan, the chief executive of Bank of America, warned in November, “it may allow part of our industry to be forever taken away from us.”"
  • Cash still king for many consumers - Chain Store Age - "While more than half (57%) of Millennials reported using a greater variety of payment methods than before, nearly half (45%) of that group also said that they’re more likely to pay more with cash now than they did a few years ago."
  • Keep Calm and Bitcoin On - Medium (Valery Vavilov) - “Visa and PayPal already exist, and within national borders they do what they do quite well. It’s silly to try to turn Bitcoin into yet another Visa and PayPal.”
  • Intel Launches Skylake vPro with Intel Authenticate - AnandTech - "Intel is launching Intel Authenticate today, and it will require a 6th generation Intel Core processor with vPro. Authenticate will combine several factors of authentication into a single login, which, in theory, should be easier for the end user as well."


  • Sam’s Club to Accept Visa Credit Cards - “Sam’s Club is the eighth largest retailer in the U.S. and we are thrilled to open up Visa credit acceptance in their more than 650 clubs across the U.S. and Puerto Rico,” said Ramón Martín, senior vice president, merchant solutions, Visa Inc.
  • American Express OPEN Launches No Annual Fee SimplyCash® Plus Business Credit Card - "American Express OPEN today announced the launch of the no annual feei SimplyCash® Plus Business Credit Card, which for the first time offers small businesses greater buying power traditionally found on a charge cardii, while also providing more opportunities to earn cash back from a larger list of business expense categories."
  • More than 100 FIDO Certified Products Fuel Global Adoption of FIDO Strong Authentication - “This explosion of FIDO Certified products and adoption numbers confirm industry-wide endorsement of FIDO as the new strong authentication technology standard,” said Brett McDowell, executive director of the FIDO Alliance. “This increasing availability of FIDO Certified solutions creates an unprecedented opportunity for organizations to implement simple, usable and strong authentication and better protect customers, employees and data from the risks of data breaches, hacking and identity theft.”
  • BitGo Eliminates Bitcoin Transaction Delays With Launch of BitGo Instant - "BitGo Inc. is today announcing the launch of BitGo Instant, the world’s first way to safely receive zero-confirm Bitcoin transactions with a full financial guarantee."


  • Payments in Portland (OR) - Join us Thursday, January 28th from 5:30-7:30 PM to hang out with your colleagues and competitors to discuss all things payments! We'll have appetizers, Oregon beer and wine. For the first time, Payments in Portland is including a short topical briefing - this month on "B2B Payments - Promise and Problems." If you have a Portland payments presence and something to say on B2B payments, let us know! RSVP HERE!
  • Real Time Payments in the US: Implications for the Payment Industry - Atlanta, GA - February 10, 2016. Glenbrook's Elizabeth McQuerry will be moderating this discussion on what "faster payments" really means, how it's been implemented in other countries, and how it may shape banking and how we pay.


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