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Headline News from - January 15, 2016


  • Hyatt Card Breach Hit 250 Hotels in 50 Nations - Krebs on Security - "Instead of just mandating that banks and retailers shift in lockstep on a to handling chip cards, U.S. lawmakers and regulators have for years delegated (abdicated?) accountability for credit card security to a booming industry of auditors and assessors who’ve been trying to secure a technology (magnetic stripe-based cards) that is 60 years old and is about as secure as mailing your credit card number on a postcard."
  • A Bitcoin Believer’s Crisis of Faith - New York Times - "Mr. Hearn, until recently one of the most prominent leaders of the Bitcoin project, became so disillusioned that in December he sold the few hundred Bitcoins he had left and quietly took a job at a new start-up."
  • Bitcoin Is Dead, Long Live Bitcoin - A VC (Fred Wilson) - "Sometimes it takes a crisis to get everyone in a room. That’s how the federal budget has been settled for many years now. And that may be how the blocksize debate gets settled too."
  • Mobile Payment Platform Minkasu Raises $1M Seed Round - TechCrunch - "The startup’s iOS and Android app stores encrypted credit card information, does not need passwords, and lets shoppers complete transactions with one click."


  • Verifone Expands Services Offering for Large Retailers in the U.S. and Canada with Agreement to Acquire AJB Software - “Combining AJB’s offerings with Verifone’s services creates an unmatched set of hardware-neutral solutions—giving merchants the ability to select from a wider range of products that best meet their business requirements,” said AJB founder and president, Naresh Bangia. “Ultimately, this enables AJB and Verifone clients to receive stronger value and support—all from a single vendor.”
  • First Data Announces Clover® Go - "The EMV-enabled card reader plugs into an iOS or Android tablet or smartphone and works with a Wi-Fi or cellular connection, allowing business owners of all sizes to seamlessly and securely accept payments outside of a traditional brick-and-mortar setting. Clover Go provides multi-merchant and multi-user functionality, enabling business owners to toggle between different store locations and provide access to an unlimited number of employees."


  • Payments in Portland (OR) - Join us Thursday, January 28th from 5:30-7:30 PM to hang out with your colleagues and competitors to discuss all things payments! We'll have appetizers, Oregon beer and wine. For the first time, Payments in Portland is including a short topical briefing - this month on "B2B Payments - Promise and Problems." If you have a Portland payments presence and something to say on B2B payments, let us know! RSVP HERE!


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