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Headline News from - August 6, 2014

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  • Global Payments Signs Referral Agreement with BitPay to Offer Bitcoin Payment Acceptance - "We focus on delivering innovative products and services to our global customer base, and this relationship provides us the ability to offer our merchants an integrated digital currency payment choice," said David Mangum, President and Chief Operating Officer for Global Payments. "We are pleased to partner with BitPay to provide next-generation payment solutions to our customers."
  • New Digital Currency Aims to Unite Every Money System on Earth - Wired - "Stellar can help take digital currency beyond rather insular projects like bitcoin and litecoin, melding it with fiat currencies and extending its advantages to the average internet consumer."
  • Improved email receipts - Stripe - "We're excited to share a couple of improvements to our email receipts!"
  • Apple, Samsung Call Patent Truce Outside U.S. - "The two technology giants agreed to dismiss all patent disputes between them in courts outside the U.S., marking an easing of tensions between the bitter rivals of the smartphone wars."
  • The Slow Recovery in Consumer Spending - Liberty Street Economics Blog (Federal Reserve Bank of New York) - "In particular, it appears that households remain—almost five years after the end of the recession—wary about their future income growth and employment prospects."
  • Simon expands iBeacon program to outfit more smart malls - Mobile Commerce Daily - "Simon’s deployment of Mobiquity’s Mobi-Beacon network, already in place in 75 of its premier shopping destinations, provides a unique, opt-in opportunity for customers to engage with retailers, brands and mall apps for timely and contextually relevant personalized offers, information and real-time experiences."
  • Retailers Who Take Bitcoin Love It - Mashable - "For them, the currency is a viable, preferable alternative to credit cards that don't carry the same risk of fraud and have lower transaction fees."
  • New Strategy as Tech Giants Transform Into Conglomerates - "The goal is no longer building a business but to be in the orbit of these tech giants. Or to put it another way, to win the lottery."

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