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Braintree and PayPal Bring Developers One Touch Mobile Payments

Braintree logo 140pxIn a blog post this morning, Braintree's Bill Ready introduced a new way to pay on mobile devices - called One Touch (available in beta). Ready writes:

With just a few lines of code, app developers will now be able to accept payments from millions of PayPal users… in one touch. Typing in and remembering userIDs, passwords and card numbers will quickly become a thing of the past as one touch payments will be the magical experience that customers expect, turning shoppers into buyers and app downloads into active users.
Writing on ReadWrite, Owen Thomas notes that One Touch is "a service that lets any Braintree-powered app tap into credit cards a user has already stored with another app in the Braintree family" - including the PayPal mobile app. One Touch builds upon Braintree's earlier Venmo Touch service - which it acquired in 2012.

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