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Headline News from - June 5, 2014

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  • Bank Shot: How Merchants Find Themselves in a Game Without Refs or Rules When It Comes to Credit Cards - "A study commissioned by the Merchants Payments Coalition found that just introducing a modest measure of fairness to the debit-card business saved consumers almost $6 billion during the reform’s first year in effect and created more than 37,000 jobs. If Congress had also introduced the same level of fairness to credit cards, consumers would have saved another $15 billion and retailers would have created almost 100,000 more jobs."
  • Bank of America Merchant Services Expands to Canada - “Our U. S.-based clients continue to expand globally, and we believe this new organization will best serve their needs by providing best-in-class solutions,” said Tim Tynan, chief executive officer of Bank of America Merchant Services. “We are also honored and excited about servicing the needs of new, future clients in the Canadian market.”
  • American Express Serve® and Bluebird® Show You Where Your Money Goes With Free Tools That Track Spending and Budgets - "With these new tools, we’re making it simple for our customers to know where their money is being spent, so they can track and manage their finances easily,” said Dan Schulman, group president, Enterprise Growth at American Express. “We’re focused on providing comprehensive and affordable options for the nearly 70 million unbanked and underbanked households in America."

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