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Headline News from - June 25, 2014

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  • Deluxe Corp. Launches New App for Electronic Checks - “The Deluxe Mobile Checkbook is a quick and easy way for small business owners to write, approve, sign, receive and deposit payments anywhere through their mobile device,” said Malcolm McRoberts, senior vice president of small business services at Deluxe. “Whether it is from the truck at a job site or at a lunch meeting with a vendor, Deluxe eChecks are a convenient, real-time solution that leverages today’s evolving technological trends.”
  • FreedomPay Adopts Credit Union Financial Exchange Standards - BCU Director of Enterprise Architecture Tim Tibbals said, “The CUFX standards were written to be flexible and were applied to the FreedomPay project to 1) allow for Single-Sign-On using the highest industry standards for credential management and authorization, 2) set up accounts on the FreedomPay platform, 3) allow the FreedomPay platform to pull accounts lists and member info in real time from BCU systems in a secure manner, including double encryption of transmitted data, and 4) communicate information back to BCU’s systems to keep information in sync between BCU and FreedomPay.”
  • OT Launches Site to Educate U.S. Financial Institutions and Consumers about EMV Chip Cards - “This is a crucial time in the U.S. payment industry, and OT is here to help ease the transition for financial institutions and consumers. OT’s new website leverages our understanding of EMV, global experience and expertise as a trusted partner with an excellent track record of successful migrations,” said Martin Ferenczi, president for North America at OT.
  • Fiserv Drives Results with Account Processing Conversions at Four Leading Credit Unions - "In the last few months, Fiserv has partnered with multiple credit unions to develop solution options that fit their unique needs covering In-House and ASP delivery modes with solution bundles that create the most value for credit unions and, in turn, their members."

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