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Headline News from - May 8, 2014

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  • Citi Is First To Offer Banking Customers The Option To Use Rewards Points For Online Bill Payments - "We want our members to have the choice of using their points when and how they want," said Mary Hines Droesch, Head of ThankYou Rewards at Citi. "Whether you want to pay this month's cell phone or utility bill due next week, ThankYou Rewards lets you decide how you use your points."
  • Boku Signs Global Mobile Payments Partnership with Deutsche Telekom Group - “Strategic partnerships with key carrier groups are what will drive the entire mobile payments industry forward,” said James Patmore, Managing Director of EMEA for Boku. “As Boku continues to bring on large merchants with more sophisticated requirements, it requires a deeper level of coordination with the large carrier groups to offer a solution that can deliver across multiple markets and via multiple carriers. This deal is a key milestone in the continuing journey of making mobile payments an established payment system that is accessible to billions of consumers around the world.”
  • Zipmark Deposit(TM) Enables Businesses to Payout to Many Recipients at Once - "Zipmark Deposit™ is a unique payments service that allows businesses of any size to send an unlimited number of secure digital check payments at one time."
  • Announces Free New iPad App for Cash Back Shopping - “We are delighted to give our members and iPad users worldwide a terrific new way to save money on everything they buy from their device,” said Kevin H. Johnson, CEO of Ebates, Inc.

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