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Headline News from - May 30, 2014

On the Web:

  • Mobile Payments: Merchants' Perspectives - Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City - "In the Second Quarter Economic Review, Fumiko Hayashi and Terri Bradford examine merchants' mobile payments preferences and find some attributes of mobile payments, such as an enhanced customer experience, have clear beneficial effects."
  • Dwolla boss goes after $13.1 billion paycheck industry, opens mind to bitcoin - "“My primary gripe with the system is that we have the technology for banks to talk to one another in real time, but for whatever reason, when I went out to try to use it, no one had built it..."
  • Thieves Planted Malware to Hack ATMs - Krebs on Security - "A recent ATM skimming attack in which thieves used a specialized device to physically insert malicious software into a cash machine may be a harbinger of more sophisticated scams to come."

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