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Headline News from - May 29, 2014

On the Web:

  • What’s Your GPA? - (Jay DeWitt) - "Based on knowledge we’ve developed through industry benchmarks, client work, and our own operational experience in the payments business, the GPA program quickly assesses your payments organization and recommends targeted, actionable steps you can take to optimize your payments business."
  • The Cost of Checks in Small Business Payments - Dwolla Blog - "Our latest release of Next Day Transfers allows businesses, government agencies, and non-profits to move funds in and out of the Dwolla network faster than ever, increasing control of your cash flow and reducing billing or procurement cycles."
  • How Should Bitcoin Be Regulated? - Montreal Economic Institute (David Descôteaux) - "This Economic Note presents an analysis of the situation in Canada and in other countries that have adopted regulatory frameworks for Bitcoin."
  • DISH Teams Up with Coinbase to Become Largest Company to Accept Bitcoin - Coinbase Blog - "DISH today announced they are the largest company and first subscription model pay-TV provider to accept bitcoin..."

On the Wires:

  • Bitcoin’s future hinges on a clear legal status - “These clear rules, as well as a tax treatment that allows Bitcoin to be used as a currency, explain why the digital currency is popular in Germany and why this country was one of the first Bitcoin hubs. Canada has so far been quite welcoming to Bitcoin, and in clarifying its own regulatory framework, it should ensure that it remains so,” concludes David Descôteaux.

Updates from Glenbrook:

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