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Headline News from - May 2, 2014

On the Web:

  • Bitcoin and the Dólar Blue in Argentina - Medium (James Downer) - ..."Bitcoin won’t change the world overnight, but it has a distinct adoption advantage in certain sectors. The black market in Argentina may well just be one such area..."
  • Walgreens launches iBeacon pilot to bolster coupon personalization - Mobile Commerce Daily - "The iBeacon technology is being used as part of a bigger in-store mobile coupon initiative that lets consumers digitally clip coupons and redeem them via a bar code on a smartphone."
  • New Ways to #Authenticate Card-Not-Present Transactions - TMG Blog - "Unlike EMV, however, tokenization is a technology that is nearly invisible to the cardholder. Think of it like fraud-prevention strategies in the background of a portfolio – it’s another layer of security running completely behind-the-scenes."

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  • No press releases worth covering! Have a great weekend!

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