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Headline News from - April 28, 2014

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  • The Problem with Payments - Stratechery (Ben Thompson) - "This is why I, for the foreseeable future, expect to see little if any progress in the United States."
  • How bitcoin is moving money in Africa - USA Today - "The key characteristics of this digital cash also happen to make it a great fit for people who aren't so down with advanced digital technology: the 326 million Africans who lack access to basic banking services."
  • Walmart, ACH and the Elusive P2P Solution - (Elizabeth McQuerry) - "The Walmart-2-Walmart service is a step forward but it’s not a perfect solution. Walmart certainly has plenty of stores in the U.S. but now it’s just another of the growing number of financial networks that is, effectively, just another island nation to itself."
  • Yelp Can Now Show if a Business Accepts Bitcoin - NewsBTC - "It’s unclear just when Yelp added this feature in, but they’ve certainly done so quietly."
  • VC Investment in European Fintech Hits Post-Dot-Com High - "Payment companies and big data companies have become a hot spot for venture capitalists, according to several investors."
  • Northwest’s cheap power drawing bitcoin miners - The Spokesman Review - “I am only personally aware of two bitcoin mining firms locating in Grant County,” Boss said. “But I’ve been told that at least five others are in the process of locating in the area.”

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