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Headline News from - March 14, 2014

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  • Accidental disruption: Max Levchin discusses how close PayPal was to never existing at all! - PandoDaily - "It’s often said that it’s better to be lucky than good. Fortunately for PayPal, Levchin, Thiel, and the company’s other early execs were both lucky and good."
  • Consumers Not Powerless in the Face of Card Fraud - New York Times - "The United States is such a fraud-friendly country in part because we still use old-fashioned magnetic stripes on the back of our cards. This makes it relatively easy for thieves to make counterfeit ones."
  • Xapo Raises $20 Million To Bury Your Bitcoin Underground - TechCrunch - "The wallet, said Wences, works like a checking account while the vault works like a savings account. They have no intention of ever becoming an exchange."
  • Wearing Apple - (Craig Hockenberry) - "But the biggest feature of all would be that this wearable device could support iBeacon."
  • China Suspends Two Forms of Smartphone Payments - Wall St. Journal - "A People's Bank of China official who declined to be named said the bank issued a directive Thursday ordering the suspension of online payments using QR codes and virtual credit cards in smartphone payment systems."
  • Introducing Myself - Bitcoin Foundation (Jim Harper, Global Policy Counsel) - "To that end—prioritizing—I have already begun a study of the risks that Bitcoin faces and their severity, how to address them and, when possible, how to measure success or failure."
  • Buffett: ‘Stay Away’ From Bitcoin - Wall St. Journal MoneyBeat - He called it “a very effective way” of transmitting money, but said that “a check is a way of transmitting money, too.”

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