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MasterCard Adds Support for NFC-based Mobile Payments Using HCE

MasterCard logo 140pxMasterCard has announced it will publish a specification for Host Card Emulation (HCE) for secure near field communication (NFC) payment transactions. HCE enables payments and other NFC services – including loyalty programs, building access and transit passes – to be delivered without the use of a secure element (SE).

MasterCard says that "the specification, developed over the past year with Capital One and Banco Sabadell, marks a significant industry milestone that, in addition to MasterCard’s longstanding support for embedded and SIM-based SE implementations, will drive greatly expanded availability of mobile contactless payments for consumers."

Consumers are now shopping and paying in whatever way best fits their needs and lifestyles – and from every device they own. To meet their expectations for convenience, we need to accelerate the availability of services in the market. The use of HCE provides a very attractive way forward to launch an increased number of NFC-based offerings,” said James Anderson, Group Head, Emerging Payments at MasterCard.

“We continue to set standards and deliver solutions to our partners and customers that deliver great experiences for safe and secure digital payments.”

HCE is supported in Android OS KitKat 4.4, which began shipping in November 2013. MasterCard said its approach to HCE combines custom software on the mobile device with highly secure cloud-based processing. This greatly simplifies and speeds the deployment process of NFC-based mobile offerings to consumers by card-issuing financial institutions.

MasterCard plans to publish its secure remote payment specifications during the first half of 2014.

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Good to see banks gearing up for the new era of banking system, banks investing in technology, analytics etc. will be able to leverage customer data to provide better services , optimizing their existing technology will also improve efficiencies. I work for McGladrey and there's a newsletter on our site that discusses a few points here that may interest readers, it offers great advice on using technology and other valuable insights into boosting overall performance @ "Eight ways for your financial institution to boost performance now"

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