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Citi Updates Mobile App to Add Features, Streamline Experience

Citi logo 140pxCiti has announced that its redesigned Citi Mobile® app is now available - "to provide U.S. banking and credit card customers with new and enhanced mobile account management capabilities."

At Citi we want our customers to have remarkable experiences in every way they interact with us and manage their accounts,” said Melissa Stevens, Managing Director, Citi Internet & Mobile.

“Citi Mobile is a vital and growing channel for our customers, so we have reimagined what mobile banking looks like and produced a new app that is designed specifically for how people bank on their phones. We have added new features and intuitive navigation to make Citi Mobile - the first of its kind when it launched seven years ago - an industry leader again and an even easier way for people to manage their accounts on-the-go.”

Citi said the U.S. launch includes a limited beta test of Citi Mobile Snapshot, "a new opt-in feature that enables customers to check deposit and credit card balances and recent transactions without having to log into their accounts." The opt-in feature is intended to help enrolled banking and credit card customers monitor their accounts on-the-go by displaying balances and the 15 most recent transactions without requiring them to log in every time. All account transactions will continue to require log-in authorization. Citi says it is the first major U.S. bank to offer the feature, which is expected to be rolled out to all U.S. customers later this year."

A demo video of the updated mobile app can be found here on Citi’s YouTube channel.

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The feature not requiring login is pretty much a copy-cat of Green Dot's go-bank. Maybe gobank should've tried to get a process patent, but nice work to Citibank borrowing a smart small step forward for convenience for their customers. nice work.

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