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PayPal Grows Revenues 19% in Q4, Adds 5.2 MM Users - 4Q2013 Financial Results

PayPal logo 140x60pxPayPal's parent eBay has announced financial results for 4Q2013 which included strong growth numbers for its PayPal business unit.

PayPal delivered a strong fourth quarter performance with accelerating momentum in its merchant services business. Revenue increased 19% in both the quarter and the full year, resulting in $6.6 billion in 2013. PayPal gained 5.2 million active registered accounts in the quarter and ended the year with 143 million, a 16% increase.

PayPal's net total payment volume (TPV) grew 25% in the quarter with 3 billion transactions generating $180 billion in net TPV for the full year. On-eBay payment volume grew 14% in both the quarter and for the full year, producing $54 billion in net TPV for the year. Merchant Services net TPV increased 31% in the quarter and 29% for the full year, resulting in $125 billion in net TPV for the year.

Mobile was a key catalyst, with payments volume off eBay growing 128% for the year. Total mobile payment volume for the year was $27 billion.

eBay reports that PayPal's 'take rate" was 3.53%, down 3.72% in the same quarter last year. As compared to the prior quarter, PayPal's transaction expense declined to 0.97% while the loss rate increased slightly to 0.32%.

Separately, eBay announced that "it has received a notice from Carl Icahn indicating that he has nominated two of his employees to its Board of Directors and submitted a non-binding proposal for a spinoff of its PayPal business into a separate company. The notice stated that companies controlled by Mr. Icahn had, earlier this month, acquired shares and derivative securities that give him an economic interest of approximately 0.82% in the company."

eBay commented that "eBay's Board of Directors routinely assesses the company's strategic direction and has explored in depth a spinoff or separation of PayPal. eBay's Board of Directors has concluded that the company and its shareholders are best served by the current strategic direction of the company and does not believe that breaking up the company is the best way to maximize shareholder value."

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