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Headline News from - January 3, 2014

Next Glenbrook Payments Boot Camps: Feb 4-5 in Palo Alto, CA; March 18-19 in New York City. Alternatively, you can request a private Payments Workshop held on-site at your location.

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  • Bitcoin is messy. Let’s fix it. - Startup Management - "A Bitcoin-supported money system is going to happen. There is no question about it. It is unstoppable."
  • Bitcoin Is an Expensive Way to Pay for Stuff - Bloomberg Opinion (Matt Levine) - "The claim that Bitcoin could one day provide a low-transaction-cost alternative (or currently provides an anonymous or accessible alternative) to the U.S. dollar payments system is separate from the claim that Bitcoin is currently a cheaper, or free, payments alternative."
  • India May Relax E-Commerce Rules, Opening The Door Further For Amazon And Other Global Giants - TechCrunch - "As India prepares to reconsider the ban on foreign investments in the country’s e-commerce sector, two of the world’s biggest e-commerce companies — Amazon and eBay — are anxiously hoping to conquer what they refer to as their last frontier."
  • Target card breach and what to do: Our view - USA Today Editorial - "The best thing that could happen is if this latest megabreach forced the industry and Congress to fix some of the system's most troubling vulnerabilities."
  • Bitcoin Is Good - Re/code (Fred Ehrsam) - "Approaching bitcoin as a currency or store of value is focusing on a single and secondary application of the bitcoin network (analogous to analyzing a single feature built on top of the Internet, like email)."
  • Who Needs Bitcoin? Venezuela Has Its 'Sucre' - Wall St. Journal - "Where the pseudonymous Mr. Nakamoto is credited with creating bitcoin, the late Venezuelan president created the sucre, a virtual currency designed to dethrone the dollar as the main trading currency used with his country's regional trading partners: Ecuador, Cuba, Bolivia and Nicaragua."
  • U.S. Bank updates app with photo balance transfer, keyword search - Mobile Commerce Daily - "Improving and expanding photo banking and other mobile banking options are among strategies U.S. Bank is leveraging to give it a competitive advantage with younger consumer, who are increasingly banking online."

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