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March 08, 2013

Visa Europe Strengthens Partnership with Mobile Money Provider 'Monitise'

Visa logo 60pxhMonitise and Visa Europe have announced that they are further strengthening their partnership via a new three-year commercial agreement spanning the development and deployment of Mobile Money payments and mobile commerce solutions for Europe’s leading financial institutions. The investment provides Visa Europe with licence rights to all aspects of Monitise’s mobile technology. "The new relationship incorporates minimum revenues to Monitise of €45 million over the first three years with the potential for greater revenues as certain user generated thresholds are achieved."

March 05, 2013

Federal Reserve Board Publishes 2011 Debit Card Summary Report

FedThe Federal Reserve Board has published a report containing summary information on the volume and value, interchange fee revenue, certain debit card issuer costs, and fraud losses related to debit card transactions in 2011.
The Board does not plan to propose revisions to the Regulation II interchange fee standard or the fraud-prevention adjustment based on these survey data.

The report is the second in a series to be published every two years pursuant to section 920 of the Electronic Fund Transfer Act (EFTA).

March 04, 2013

Glenbrook and The International Money Transfer Conference

GP Logo Horizontal 140pxGlenbrook's Elizabeth McQuerry will be attending the International Money Transfer Conference (IMTC) – West on April 4-5 in Los Angeles where she will lead a Payment System Seminar pre-session on April 3 and speak during the conference about “Payments Innovations: What Role for Money Transfer Companies?” on April 4. The IMTC is the place to keep up on the money transfer industry developments and best practices.

If you attend, let Elizabeth know, she’d love to meet you.

Capital One To Offer Real-time, Personalized Deals via ShopSavvy

CapitalOne logo 140pxCapital One announced that it has teamed up with ShopSavvy to deliver personalized deals from the Capital One deals program to ShopSavvy app users while they shop and search for deals.
“Capital One is enhancing the shopping experience for our customers with in-store targeted merchant offers. With ShopSavvy, we’re providing a convenient service and an exciting opportunity for our customers to take advantage of the power of mobile commerce,” said Paul Sun, general manager, Capital One Deals. “Capital One is committed to giving our customers an easy way to save money without the hassle.”

Federal Reserves Announces Expansion of FedACH SameDay Service

FedThe Federal Reserve has announced that, effective April 1, 2013, it will offer an expanded FedACH SameDay service for same day clearing of ACH transactions. The expanded service will feature the following modifications:
  • Permits all SEC Codes except International ACH Transactions (IAT), Check Truncated Entry (TRC) and Check Truncated Entries Exchange (TRX)
  • Allows credits as well as debits
  • Accommodates business as well as consumer transactions
  • Places no dollar cap limits other than those set by NACHA on check-conversion transactions

Participation in the service will continue to be on an opt-in basis, and there will be no changes to pricing or deadlines.


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