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Braintree Offers Venmo Touch to Card Issuers, Mobile Banking Providers

Braintree logo 140pxBraintree has announced it will offer its Venmo Touch mobile checkout experience to card issuers and mobile banking providers. Braintree also announced that it is collaborating with Simple to give Simple's customers access to Venmo Touch. Braintree says this is its first collaboration to offer direct banking integration for Venmo Touch.

"Consumers are quickly moving to mobile as their primary computing device and they expect easy, mobile-optimized purchasing experiences," said Braintree CEO Bill Ready.

"Simple is defining what the future of banking will be in a mobile world. With Venmo Touch, Simple is ensuring that their customers will have access to the absolute easiest way to pay on mobile devices."

Braintree says it currently enables single-click purchasing for more than 40 million consumers across thousands of e-commerce sites and applications. The company handles more than $10 billion in payments annually, with more than $2 billion of that originating from mobile purchasing.

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