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Introducing Clinkle

Clinkle 140pxExpressing his frustration with the world of payments, Clinkle founder and CEO Lucas Duplan announces the birth of Clinkle on the company's new blog:

The exchange of value is one of humanity’s most important inventions. But somehow, the way in which we transact hasn’t significantly changed in decades. Instead, it’s stood idle during the invention of the PC, the Internet, and the smartphone. In fact, most people around the world still rely on the same technology humans used centuries ago: paper and coins.
Duplan also includes his announcement of Clinkle closing a $25 million seed round "from an all-star cast of investors: Accel Partners, Andreessen Horowitz, Intel Capital, and Intuit Inc." and an illustrious group of individual investors. The company's press release announcing the financing is here.

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