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February 14, 2013

Pageonce Introduces Local SMB Bill Payment Service

Pageonce logo 140x60pxPageonce has introduced the capability to pay individuals and small businesses through its new Pay Anyone service. "In addition to supporting thousands of national and regional bills, Pageonce now allows users to pay local bills such as rent, gardeners, piano teachers, pre-schools, sports teams, and more."

Visa Launches Mobile Money Managed Service

Visa logo 60pxhVisa announced the launch of a new plug-and-play mobile money platform that will make it easy and cost-efficient for financial institutions and mobile operators to offer mobile financial services to consumers.
The global platform is the world’s first bank-grade managed service for mobile money – meaning it allows Visa to host and fully manage all aspects of a mobile money program on behalf of the provider, from user interface design to consumer enrollment, transactions processing, authorization, clearing and settlement. The new service can enable domestic-only or globally interoperable mobile money services.

The new platform is built on Fundamo’s technology, the mobile money technology acquired by Visa in 2011.


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