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QSecure Announces IMAGO Powered Payment Card

QSecure logo 140pxQSecure has announced IMAGO (pronounced ee-ma-go), a new powered payment card and mobile app for iPhone, Android, and Windows mobile devices.

"The war of the wallets is on between big players like Visa, MasterCard, Google, Square, and Apple, but merchants and consumers are waiting to see which of these platforms will become predominant," explains QSecure CEO Mike Cummings, "Because our solution uses the phone’s display to communicate with the card, it can be used with any smartphone running our IMAGO App. There is no need for consumers to wait for the next generation smartphone or for merchants to change their credit card terminals to take advantage of mobile wallets."

Users load their existing cards by swiping them through a dongle, sync their IMAGO card with their smartphone screen, and then use their IMAGO card at existing card terminals. Visit to see a video that demonstrates how the whole thing works.

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