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October 02, 2012

New Report on Canadian Payment Methods and Trends

Cpa logo 140x60pxThe Canadian Payment Association (CPA) has announced availability of a new report on Canadian Payment Methods and Trends. "To gauge the evolution of payments over recent years, the data was compared to data gathered from 2008, revealing several interesting trends." Highlights are here; full report is here.

InAuth Releases Voice Biometrics Authentication for Mobile Banking

InAuth Corp logoInAuth announced availability of its native Voice Biometrics Authentication Module, an opt-in solution that leverages the voice “fingerprint” of a mobile-device user to secure their financial transactions.
“Like a fingerprint, each individual's voice is unique. Our new Voice Biometrics Authentication Module maps specific voice characteristics such as pitch and rhythm to accurately verify identity and convey confidence to financial institutions in the validity of their mobile user base,” said Mike Patterson, CEO, InAuth.

InAuth's new software solution runs unobtrusively on the mobile device of a financial institution's account user and dynamically identifies the user based on unique voice characteristics.


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