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September 06, 2012

MasterCard Acquires Truaxis to Enable Delivery of Personalized Offers and Rewards

MasterCard logo 140pxMasterCard has announced the acquisition of Truaxis, a Silicon Valley-based provider of relevant credit and debit card-linked offers to consumers through merchants and financial institutions.
“The offer and rewards industry is rapidly evolving as consumers have demonstrated their desire for customized offers and savings that truly matter to their individual lifestyles,” said Tim Murphy, chief product officer, MasterCard. “By adding Truaxis’ expertise, its intellectual property and a talented team of software engineers to MasterCard, we increase our capabilities to offer merchants and financial institutions a solution that helps them better connect with consumers while evolving the model from the traditional coupon or daily deals offers programs that are popular today.”

Doxo Introduces Mobile QR Codes for Mobile Bill Payment

Doxo logo 140pxdoxo has announced its Connect QR Code functionality for doxo providers, enabling businesses that are on doxo to immediately connect with mobile customers simply by featuring a Connect QR code on their documents, including bills, statements, envelopes or promotional mailers. Customers scan the Connect QR code with their mobile device to connect with the provider, view the bill, and make a payment.
“Mobile is the fastest growing customer channel, but to date has been difficult for many businesses to efficiently utilize. Because of this, it’s important that we maximize the functionality of mobile devices to make it even easier for users to connect with their providers, access account documents, and make payments,” said Roger Parks, VP of Product at doxo. “The new Connect QR Codes enable businesses to offer this functionality without requiring users to create another biller account or download another app.”

GoCardless Aims to Make Super Cheap Online Payments a Reality for SMEs

Gocardless logo 140x60pxGoCardless, a UK-based startup, wants to make online payments affordable for small businesses by going around the card systems ("cardless") and funding all purchases out of bank accounts. Their blurb says it all.
GoCardless is a next generation payment company offering an API wrapper for bank transfer. The company makes it incredibly cheap and easy for anyone to take payments online. GoCardless is backed by Y Combinator, Accel Partners and Passion Capital.

They recently announced that FreeAgent, who provide the UK’s leading online accounting system, is now a key customer.


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