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August 30, 2012

NACHA Issues RFC on QR Encoding for Consumer Bill Pay

NACHA logo 140pxNACHA has issued a request for comment (RFC) on proposed guidelines for the use QR codes in a variety of bill payment scenarios.
“There has been growing interest in applying QR technology to transaction applications like bill payment to provide consumers with the opportunity to view statements, enroll for eBills, make payments, and set up payees in online banking applications,” said Eric Dunn, senior vice president, Strategic Payment Initiatives for Intuit. “As a member of the council, Intuit is pleased to work with NACHA and the CEBP membership on this particular initiative, as it has the industry representation of bill pay stakeholders and the forum needed to develop effective QR guidelines for bill pay.”

Comments are due by September 19, 2012. Issuance of the final guidelines are expected in Q42012.

Survey Says Self-Checkout is Faster and a Service Differentiator

Ncr logo 140pxNCR has released a new survey that says shoppers appreciate the speed and efficiency of self-checkout at the point of sale.
“Shoppers recognize the speed and value self-checkout provides and are eager to see it expanded into other retail segments,” said Scott Kingsfield, senior vice president and general manager, NCR Retail. “Even among shoppers using assisted checkout, there’s strong appreciation for the benefits this technology provides. Retailers increasingly are finding their shoppers want choices in how they interact with stores at which they shop, and one of the biggest choices these shoppers say they want is self checkout.”


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