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May 16, 2012

Jumio Releases Card Capture Scanning SDK for Mobile Apps

Jumio logo 140x60Jumio has announced the release of its Mobile Software Development Kit (SDK).
The Netswipe Mobile Software Development Kit (SDK) is a fast and easy way to implement reliable credit card capturing into mobile apps. There is no need for extra hardware, and it is available for iOS. Android will follow soon.

Jumio also announced they are giving away $5 Million worth of scanning fees to support young Start-ups and the developer community.

Cardlytics Brings Transaction-Driven Marketing to Credit Card Portfolios

Cardlytics logo 140pxCardlytics has announced the release of “Cardlytics for Credit,” an integrated suite of technology and services that enable financial institutions to effectively leverage transaction marketing to strengthen relationships with their credit card customers.
“Until now, the broad category of ‘merchant-funded rewards’ for credit cards has simply not produced meaningful results for retailers or banks,” said Scott Grimes, CEO of Cardlytics. “Because of our reach into 70 million households’ checking accounts and their associated high transaction debit card volume and frequent online access, we are well positioned to now leverage our massive scale in checking/debit to bring rich content to credit.”

Digital River to Provide Developers with Access to Cloud Commerce APIs

Digital river world payments logo 140pxDigital River has announced 'Digital River Connect' to provides developers with access to its Global Commerce and Commerce Express application programming interfaces (APIs) and enables commerce-as-a-service (CaaS).
“An open and accessible API is a critical component of today’s digital ecosystems,” said James Gagliardi, Digital River’s vice president of product and innovation. “We’ve designed the Digital River Connect technology from the ground up to set the standard in this area. It combines the power and capabilities of our enterprise-level solutions with a new, easy-to-use interface that lets developers become productive quickly – fostering a rapid onboarding process with an integrated test console that lets developers learn about our APIs and start using them in a single, seamless experience.”

TSYS Unveils Its Agenda for Connected Mobility

Tsys logo 140pxTSYS announced its agenda for connected mobility to support commerce for digitally active consumers — those accustomed to navigating their daily lives with smart phones, tablets, game systems, electronic readers and computers.
“Two years ago the devices of choice were smart phones; now they are tablets. Regardless of the devices used tomorrow, our focus on people-centered payments paves the way for this agenda, with functionality to support mobility, applications and commerce across any device,” said Paul Bridgewater, group executive of Global Product, TSYS. “Today’s consumers prefer trusted alternative channels for increased mobility to facilitate online business and commerce — and they expect security, reliability and a seamless purchase experience that is simple and intuitive. This agenda truly puts people at the center of payments.”


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