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GP Logo Horizontal 200pxLast payments boot camp of the spring in Palo Alto, two special focus workshops, and a virtual currency report…

Special Workshop – Payments 2012, $995
May 15, 2012: Santa Clara, CA - Russ Jones and Carol Coye Benson
An advanced workshop focusing on current industry trends and issues – including detailed explorations of PayPal, Facebook, Google, Visa, and Square. For Glenbrook Payments Boot Camp alumni only.

Payments Boot Camps – Two day “deep dive” into the industry, $2195
May 16-17, 2012: Palo Alto, CA - Jay DeWitt and Carol Coye Benson
Sign up now, as there are only a few seats left.

Special Workshop - Understanding Opportunities in B2B Payments, $699
May 18, 2012: Palo Alto, CA – Carol Coye Benson and Erin McCune
Drawing on years of work in commercial payments, Glenbrook has designed a special workshop to help payment professionals understand the current state-of-play in B2B payments.

Virtual Currency Report - $695
Glenbrook's report on virtual currency fundamentals, including a detailed look at Facebook Credits, Microsoft Points, PlaySpan Ultimate Points, Tencent Q Coin, Second Life Linden Dollars, World of Warcraft Gold, various Zynga currencies, and the experimental BitCoin digital currency.

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