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Visa Recommended Practices for EMV Chip Implementation in the US

Visa logo 60pxh Based on its chip deployment experience in other parts of the world, Visa has released a set of recommended implementation practices customized for the U.S. market. Visa also clarified that its roadmap in the U.S. is about deploying the EMV chip, not mandating the use of PIN.

Visa will continue to support a range of cardholder verification methods (CVMs) with EMV chip, including signature, online PIN and no-signature for low-value, low-risk transactions. In the longer term, we expect the industry will reduce or even eliminate its use of static verification methods, such as signature and PIN in favor of new and dynamic forms of cardholder verification.

The blog post on the Visa guidance is here; the "Visa Recommended Practices for EMV Chip Implementation in the U.S." are here in PDF format.

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Some issuers have already begun this migration. Chase has already issued cards with an EMV chip for it's British Airways cobranded card.

It's about time the USA start the EMV migration. Because other parts of the world where succeeding on thiers, the U.S was consistently the targets of fraudsters!!!!! Can't imagine the lost!!

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