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January 13, 2011

Cisco Issues PCI Compliance Pulse Survey Findings

survey_graphic_140px.pngCisco has unveiled the results of a survey conducted by InsightExpress of 500 information technology decision-makers to uncover and qualify current sentiment on PCI DSS five years after the standard emerged. Surprisingly, respondents think PCI compliance has been more beneficial than not:
  • 70% of survey respondents feel that their organization is more secure than it would be if PCI compliance were not required
  • Of the survey respondents, 87% believe that the PCI requirements are necessary for protecting cardholder data
  • 60% of respondents suggested that PCI-compliance projects can drive other network or network security projects
Results of the full survey (including five year PCI compliance cost) in slide format are available here.

January 12, 2011

First Data and NRF Release Results from Small Business Data Security Study

first data logo 140px.pngThe National Retail Federation (NRF) and First Data have released results from a research study of data security and fraud prevention strategies practiced at small to mid-sized retailers.
An overwhelming majority of respondents (86%) stated they care about keeping their customer card information secure and feel payment card data security is important to their business. But almost two-thirds (64%) believe that their business is not vulnerable to credit/debit card data theft and 60% are unaware of the costs they could incur in the event of a breach.
A total of 651 small and mid-sized merchants completed the survey. READ MORE »

NetSuite Unveils Deep Integration With CyberSource to Combat Cyber Fraud

netsuite_logo_140px.pngNetSuite and and CyberSource have announced "completion of a product integration that will enable companies running on NetSuite to gain seamless access to the CyberSource Decision Manager fraud management solution. The result: a completely integrated cloud-based order management process – from web store, to order submission, fraud screening and payments, through to fulfillment and invoicing."

W3i Ups the Ante for iOS App Monetization Solutions

w3i_logo_60hpx.pngW3i has announced the launch of a new Ad-Funded Payment Platform, providing a robust and customizable solution for developers looking for app discovery or monetization. "The solution works by rewarding users with virtual currency in free iOS games for installing apps from advertisers."

Targeted Deals and Cash Delivered to Online Banking Users by Micronotes via the Yodlee FinApp Store

micronotes_logo_140px.pngMicronotes has announced the release of KulaMula, one of "the first partner-developed applications for the Yodlee FinApp Store. Available for free, KulaMula connects leading brands with online banking consumers to deliver highly customized offers based on previous purchasing patterns and user input." KulaMula is positioned as a way for banks to generate non-interest revenue and build customer loyalty. A YouTube video explains how KulaMula works.

January 11, 2011

Register Now for Glenbrook's Payments Essentials Webinars

GP Logo Horizontal-140px.pngGlenbrook's February and March webinars are now available for registration. Glenbrook webinars are categorized by type - this winter's offerings include:
  • "Basics" Webinars: Cards Essentials (Feb 1); The Bill Payment Domain (Feb 22)
  • "Landscape" Webinars: Local Country Payments (March 1); Bill to Mobile Payments (March 8)
  • "Insight" Webinars: Beyond PCI (Feb 8); eInvoicing and Small Business (Feb 15); Durbin: Second Order Impacts (March 15); Payments Platforms (March 22); Mobile POS Payments – U.S. Market (March 29)
Webinars are held on Tuesdays, at 10:30am PST and are one hour in length. Registration is $149. Recorded webinars are also available on-demand.

Sage Simply Accounting Direct Payments Targets Small Businesses

sage_logo_140px.pngSage has announced 'Sage Simply Accounting Direct Payments', a "new connected online service that helps small businesses streamline and automate their payment and debit processes while connecting their desktop accounting application to a cloud-based service."

Shoppers Skip Checkout Lines, Pay From Mobile Phones

aislebuyer_logo_140px.pngAisleBuyer has announced availability of a white paper that includes usage data from its initial mobile self-checkout deployment with retail partner Magic Beans. Notable findings from the study include:
  • More than 15% of smartphone customers chose mobile self-checkout in lieu of the traditional cash register
  • During Black Friday weekend alone, more than 42% of smartphone users chose mobile self-checkout instead of using the traditional cash register -- a number that represented 12% of all transactions
  • 60% of all customers who used the application to scan a product ultimately made a purchase
The full white paper is available here. Receivables Now in Beta has announced that "users can now send invoices, collaborate with customers and receive electronic payments through’s new beta Receivables feature. Receivables supports a full range of accounts receivable processes through its invoice creation tool and QuickBooks integration, enabling users to manage all of their day-to-day financial operations online anywhere an internet connection is available."

Moggle Launches Virtual Piggy Technology

moggle_logo_140px.pngMoggle has announced the release of its Virtual Piggy™ technology that allows children to transact with online merchants, games and social networks in a safe environment under parent supervision.
Moggle’s Virtual Piggy provides an online payment profile that allows parents to setup, monitor and control their children’s spending online. Parents and guardians can determine how much the child can spend in a single transaction, or over time and also control the merchants with which the child can transact.
Virtual Piggy has been certified by Chase Paymentech and works with all major credit and debit cards, including MasterCard, Visa, and American Express.

January 10, 2011

Obama Administration to Propose Online Identity System

dept_commerce.pngBusinessWeek, and various other media outlets, are reporting that the Obama administration will be creating a new office in the Department of Commerce to oversee the government's implementation of a national online identity ecosystem. A draft proposal entitled the National Strategy for Trusted Identities in Cyberspace (NSTIC) was published last June.


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