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November 08, 2011

Payments Views - Mobile Self-Checkout Breaks Out for POS Payments

GP Logo Horizontal 140pxIn reaction to Apple's EasyPay mobile checkout technology, Glenbrook's Russ Jones weighs in on the topic of mobile self checkout that seems to be catching momentum in the marketplace. Over on Payments Views, in a posted entitled "Mobile Self-Checkout Breaks Out for POS Payments" Russ elaborates on today's NFC mania:
Maybe retailers and shopkeepers could just embrace today’s mobile technology instead, change their in-store control procedures, and let a thousand flowers bloom? When Apple — arguably one of the most successful retailers in the last decade — says that mobile self-checkout is ready for use today, others might very well want to have a look. And quickly.

Linkable Networks and 24/7 Real Media Partner on Card Linked Offers

Linkable networks logo 140x60pxLinkable Networks, formerly Clovr Media, and 24/7 Real Media have announced a partnership that taps into consumers’ growing interest in digital coupons that are directly linked to credit and debit cards.
Brands advertising across 24/7 Real Media’s Global Web Alliance of top publishers can now use Linkables to enhance their online advertising campaigns with advertiser-level and manufacturer-level discounts and offer the ability to link deals to any debit or credit card. The 24/7 Real Media partnership positions Linkable Networks, on the heels of an investment from Citibank, as the premium choice for brands looking to elevate loyalty marketing, sponsorship activation and customer engagement.

AmEx Announces $100 Million Digital Commerce Investment Initiative

Amex logo 140pxAmerican Express has announced a new multi-year digital commerce initiative designed to help identify and develop innovative technologies, and plans to invest $100 million in early stage startups in the digital commerce space.
“American Express is a 162 year old company that has continuously reinvented itself,” said Dan Schulman, Group President, Enterprise Growth, American Express. “As we enter the next chapter in our history, we recognize the need to work with emerging technology companies to inspire change, encourage innovation, and ultimately deliver the best products and services to our customers.”


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