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T-Mobile USA to Extend Direct Carrier Billing to Digital Content and Services

T mobile logo 140x60T-Mobile USA has announced Direct Carrier Billing, "a nationwide purchasing program to provide customers the convenience of securely purchasing digital content and services from their web-enabled device. With Direct Carrier Billing, T-Mobile customers can conveniently charge online purchases of digital games, gaming and social networking credits, music, videos and other digital content offerings directly to their existing T-Mobile account right from the Web browser of their connected device – whether a PC, smartphone, netbook or tablet."

T-Mobile Direct Carrier Billing is initially available via BilltoMobile, Boku, OpenMarket, Payfone, and Zong.

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Talk about Bill Shock! I can just hear the conversation in the T-Mobile call center now...

Subscriber: "What do you mean I bought 50,000 Farmville credits?!?! I only ordered 50! You need to take that off my bill now!"

T-Mobile rep: "Sir, I've checked and you have built the largest farm in Farmville; don't try to tell us that was 'organic' growth. You have to pay us $7500 for those credits, or we will have to interrupt your mobile service. And maybe burn down your barn."

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