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August 23, 2011

Study Links e-Bill Delivery to On-Time Payments

Fiserv logo 60pxhFiserv has announced results of a study of Con Edison customers that shows offering electronic bills through online banking or the company’s website can lead to enhanced cash flow and reduced customer care costs.
The study shows that customers who receive electronic bills (e-bills) via a financial institution or the Con Edison website are more likely to make on-time payments, and utilize online self-service rather than costly customer service calls.

The study, conducted by AccuData, analyzed two million Con Edison customer records.

ERPLY Introduces Mobile Card Reader and Low Transaction Fee

Erply logo 140x60ERPLY has announced an iPad-optimized Mobile Card Reader.
The new credit card device connects to an iPad or iPhone and transmits a customer's encrypted credit card data to the ERPLY point-of-sale software and inventory management software suite to process payments. This gives retailers the ability to view real-time data and inventory analytics through the ERPLY inventory management system.

The ERPLY credit card reader is priced at $50 with a 1.9% transaction fee.

Capital One Cash

CapitalOne logo 140pxCapital One has launched the Capital One Cash card, "a new cash back credit card that offers 50% more value to customers without the restrictions commonly found in cash rewards cards. With this card, customers get 1% cash back on every purchase every day, a 50% anniversary bonus on cash earned on purchases in the previous year, and a one-time $100 bonus once they spend $500 in the first three months. And of course, as with all other Capital One cards, there are no foreign transaction fees."

Payments Views - EMV and Mobile Commerce in the US

GP Logo Horizontal 140pxOver on our sister blog, Payments Views, Glenbrook's Allen Weinberg takes a look at Visa's recent EMV and contactless acceptance mandates in the US.
The big story is that Visa’s move will accelerate the way for mobile payments with unprecedented scale. Think about it – within a few years, essentially every merchant in the US will have the basic infrastructure in place for mobile payments – and, perhaps more.

Allen also steps through through the electronic payments ecosystem to explore whether this is positive, negative, or neutral to the various stakeholders.

InvoiceASAP Unveils Fully Integrated Mobile Invoicing Platform

InvoiceASAP logo 140x60pxInvoiceASAP has announced a fully integrated Mobile Invoicing Network for the modern mobile workforce at both the small-to-medium (SMB) and enterprise business levels.
Users benefit from full backwards compatible read and write capabilities into multiple accounting systems and business platforms. The InvoiceASAP platform also features an industry first archiving and media tagging system that allows users to attach photos as supporting documentation, with geo tags and voice memos to launch soon. The platform is launching first on Apple iOS, with releases planned for Android and BlackBerry this fall.

Online payments are fulfilled using Jumio Netswipe technology, which turns any webcam into a secure card reader.


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