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August 22, 2011

Debit Card Steering Survey Results

Survey graphic 140pxInternet Retailer is reporting the results from its first online merchant survey on potential debit card steering practices. Bottom line: one in six online merchants plan to take steps to encourage debit card usage.
39.6% of respondents said they didn’t know debit card fees were going down; a further 43.2% said they have no plans to encourage more debit card spending on their retail sites, while 17.1% will take steps to lower their costs by encouraging debit card payments.

Glenbrook's Russ Jones blogged about POS Steering in the Age of Durbin earlier this year.

PaymentOne Surpasses $5 Billion Milestone in Carrier Billed Micropayments

PaymentOne logo 140pxPaymentOne has announced the company "surpassed $5 billion in micro-payment transactions and incremental revenue generation for its digital clients. PaymentOne enables publishers, application developers and digital merchants such as AOL, Blizzard Entertainment and Gaia Online to sell more virtual goods, online and mobile services, and recurring digital subscriptions to consumers around the world." PaymentOne was an earlier pioneer in bill-to-carrier payments.

AmEx and Groupon Hong Kong Partner on Membership Rewards Redemption

Amex logo 140pxAmerican Express and Groupon Hong Kong have announced that the two companies are partnering to let American Express Cardmembers redeem Membership Rewards for Groupon cash vouchers at a 60% discount.
The collaboration sets a major milestone for both American Express and Groupon Hong Kong. Groupon Hong Kong has become the first Membership Rewards partner of American Express from the online group-buying category, adding a new dimension to the American Express Membership Rewards program and offering American Express Cardmembers broader choice in their rewards selection.

In related news, American Express also announced a new reward card for business customers that earns double points for spending on online advertising.


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