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Zoosh: NFC-Like Communications via Ultrasonic Audio

Naratte logo 140pxNaratte, a Silicon Valley-based start-up, has announced that it can provide the benefits of near-field communication (NFC) with ultrasonic technology by using using the speaker and microphone already found on mobile devices.

This new technology, called Zoosh™, is highly engineered software that communicates in frequencies that are inaudible to humans, but are used in nature by frogs, dolphins and other animals. With one software update, an App can now become Zoosh-powered to securely transfer data between millions of devices already in use by consumers.

Works across devices, works on both smartphones and flip phones, etc. Watch the video for an overview of Zoosh in various application scenarios.

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The same technology is used for payment by Tag Attitude in Europe but also in Africa with success.

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