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June 16, 2011

UK Mobile Operators Form Mobile Commerce Joint Venture

Uk mobile operatorsEverything Everywhere (the JV that runs T-Mobile and Orange in the UK), Telefónica UK, and Vodafone UK have announced plans to create a standalone m-commerce joint venture, enabling the development and delivery of both new mobile marketing and payment services.
The JV will deliver the technology required for the speedy adoption of mobile wallet and payments. This will enable consumers to transfer their entire physical wallet into a new secure, SIM-based wallet regardless of which NFC enabled mobile device, or mobile network they are using. Companies and organizations that provide anything from credit, debit and loyalty cards to membership cards and transport tickets will be able to create secure mobile versions of their products.

Everything Everywhere, Telefónica UK and Vodafone UK say they will continue to develop their own competing products and services tailored to their own customers, which will "be based on the open platform infrastructure provided by the JV."


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