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May 24, 2011

Current Opportunities on

Several new positions for payments professionals have recently been posted to Glenbrook's payments industry job board in May: PaymentsJobs logo 140pxIs your company hiring? Are you in the market for qualified payments professionals? You can reach the best candidates here! Post your job openings for payments professionals on!

Cielo Acquires Braspag in Brazil

Cielo logo 140pxCielo, a large merchant acquirer and payment processor in Brazil, has announced that it has acquired Braspag.
Founded in 2005, Braspag is known for innovation and the development of online payment solutions and is the leading company in payment processing for e-commerce in Brazil, with a market share of approximately 65% in its segment. Operating as a gateway, Braspag's platform integrates online stores, financial institution sand acquirers, and is responsible for capturing, routing and managing payment transactions with cards, collection slip sand online debit.


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