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May 11, 2011

Visa Unveils Digital Wallet Strategy

Visa logo 140pxVisa has announced the "next generation of payments solutions that will replicate the ease, reliability and security of Visa point-of-sale payments within traditional and digital eCommerce, mobile commerce and burgeoning social networking commerce environments. New offerings are expected to include a secure cross-channel digital wallet and a range of customized mobile payments services that address the specific requirements of geographic markets around the world."

In related news, Visa also announced plans to "offer merchants a more streamlined connection to Visa’s global network, allowing them to more easily accept the next generation of payment products, offer real-time rewards, redemptions and discounts and other value-added services."

Corduro Mobile App Helps Charities Rally Volunteers

Corduro logo 140pxCorduro has announced a new mobile payment app that "lets non-profit and other organizations mobilize their volunteers in a whole new way. Available soon for iPhone, iPad or Android devices, users can share their passions by inviting others to connect with the Corduro community and join the charitable groups that they support. Corduro is kicking off this new app with a special site and contest at"

Aptys Solutions Launches aMobile Payment Solution for Businesses

Aptys solutions logo 104pxAptys Solutions has announced the availability of Aptys Mobile (aMobile), an "innovative new solution that enables banks’ business customers to create invoices, accept payments and process invoices directly through a mobile phone or tablet device... aMobile offers check, ACH, card, and electronic payments through a single application with mobile invoicing and integration to accounting systems."

American Express and LevelUp Introduce Seamless Process for Redeeming Loyalty Deals

Amex logo 140pxAmerican Express and LevelUp have announced a multi-city pilot with the Levi’s® brand that introduces “couponless” loyalty offers.
American Express’ Smart Offer APIs will now enable cardmembers to redeem LevelUp deals by simply enrolling and using their cards – removing the need for punch-cards, coupons, and the associated hassle at the point of sale. When a cardmember uses his or her enrolled card at a merchant, the LevelUp savings will be automatically delivered via a statement credit to the card account. Eligible cardmembers will instantly receive notification via their mobile devices indicating that a statement credit is on its way and that they have “leveled up,” unlocking the next, richer offer from that merchant.

Mocapay Launches Branded Payment Card Integration in Mobile Wallet

Mocapay logo 140pxMocapay has announced the integration of association branded cards into its mobile wallet through the VeriFone PAYMEDIA solution. "Through this partnership, Mocapay merchants will benefit from an additional payment type, the ability to learn critical demographic information about their target consumer, and the ability to engage one-on-one with their customers through Mocapay’s integrated mobile marketing database."

FreeMonee Launches National Gift Network

Freemonee logo 140pxFreeMonee has announced the launch of its "first-of-its-kind national cash-gift network".
FreeMonee enables merchants to give “gifts” directly to individual credit and debit cardholders through participating financial institutions. FreeMonee gifts are cash incentives that function like a gift card on an individual’s debit or credit card. With FreeMonee gifts, consumers can purchase anything they choose at the designated merchant -- no strings attached -- by simply using their debit or credit card.
Led by CEO and Silicon Valley entrepreneur Gadi Maier, FreeMonee has raised $11 million in initial funding from Opus Capital Ventures, Redpoint Ventures, Sutter Hill Ventures, Pinnacle Ventures and Contrarian Group.


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