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March 23, 2011

Fifth Third Processing Solutions eCommerce Plus

Fifth Third Processing Logo 140pxFifth Third Processing has announced the introduction of eCommerce Plus, "a technology platform which allows online merchants to securely transact with authenticated payments and alternative payment brands. Along with traditional credit card acceptance, merchants can now offer customers multiple payment options such as PayPal, Checkout by Amazon, Google Checkout, and more, through one easily deployable interface."

Fifth Third Processing partnered with CardinalCommerce on the solution.

TSYS Introduces' TSYS Whitespace Manager' With Pitney Bowes

Tsys logo 140pxTSYS has announced it has collaborated with Pitney Bowes to introduce the TSYS Whitespace Manager, a partner-managed TransPromo solution.
TransPromo is a targeted marketing tool that allows highly relevant promotional content to be embedded within transactional customer communications, such as monthly card statements. TSYS Whitespace Manager, the new partner-managed approach to TransPromo, will allow issuers to take advantage of new revenue streams, cost reductions and minimized complexity.

LexisNexis Launches Comprehensive Retail Fraud Management Solution

LexisNexis logo 140pxLexisNexis has announced the launch of its "new comprehensive fraud prevention solutions suite for protecting retailers from the risks associated with Card-Not-Present orders. For the first time, LexisNexis fully integrates its front-end identity fraud risk scoring with a workflow platform and fraud analyst review system, creating the ability to assess order risk at the transactional level, automate review processes and provide faster assessment for e-commerce retailers."


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