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February 28, 2011

Manilla Launches a Simple New Way to Organize All Household Accounts

Manilla logo 140pxManilla has announced "a new free personal account management service that helps consumers securely manage all of their household accounts including bills, finances, travel rewards programs and subscriptions in one place online. With a single sign-on, Manilla gives customers an automated, organized view of all their current account information, reminders to pay bills and free lifetime storage of all their account statements, notices, offers and bills."

The service is in beta now; Citibank and Comcast are both launch partners. Website is

State Employees' Credit Union (SECU) to Roll Debit Card Portfolio to EMV

Secu logo 140pxThe State Employees' Credit Union (SECU) of North Carolina is one of the first financial institutions in the US to announce it will add EMV (chip) technology to its debit card portfolio.
Leanne Phelps, Senior Vice President of SECU's Card Services department states, "SECU's goal is to provide products and services which offer enhanced value and protection. The EMV technology enables us to offer members increased fraud protection along with stress-free use of their card worldwide."
Oberthur Technologies will provide the non-profit cooperative with the technology needed for its EMV migration.

Cell Me the Money: Unlocking the Value in the Mobile Payment Ecosystem

Deloitte logo 140pxA new Deloitte Research study, Cell me the money: Unlocking the value in the mobile payment ecosystem, examines the challenges and benefits of mobile commerce in the United States.
The report is based on a survey of senior executives from the mobile payment value chain. Survey results shed light on the key barriers that have traditionally challenged the mobile payment market in the United States, including the lack of revenue-sharing agreements, a dearth of consumer knowledge, low levels of demand and competing platforms in a fragmented market.

February 24, 2011

New 'SocioPay' Advanced Monetization Platform

Sociopay logo 140px hi5, a social game platform, has announced the launch of the SocioPay monetization platform designed to maximize revenue for social games.
"SocioPay dynamically determines the optimal monetization solution for every commerce opportunity, including identifying players who are less likely to purchase and offering advertising as an alternative to traditional payment options. The launch of the new SocioPay platform marks the first public release of a robust ad/commerce hybridization model for the social games industry.

VeriFone Outlines Six Rules for Mobile Commerce Success

Verifone logo 140pxVeriFone is urging "aspiring mobile payment service companies to engage with retailers in determining market requirements to enable mobile phone-initiated payments and services at the retail point of sale."
Responding to growing interest from major industry players intent on claiming a stake in emerging mobile commerce opportunities, VeriFone CEO Douglas G. Bergeron articulated key guidelines to ensure that mobile payments don’t follow the path of previous alternative payment schemes that only succeeded in alienating merchants.
Bergeron six key “rules” for industry participants are listed below after the jump. READ MORE »

22nd Annual Direct Response Forum - Aug 8-10, 2011 - San Diego, CA

Drf logo 80pxThe Direct Response Forum (DRF) has announced it will hold its annual forum on Monday August 8th through Wednesday August 10th, 2011 at the Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina. According to the DRF, "This year's Direct Response Forum, Cruising Through Payment Challenges, will provide a variety of educational sessions designed to give direct merchants real-time strategies for streamlining payment processes and cutting costs."

London to Support System-wide Use of Contactless Payment Cards

Transport for london logo 140pxTransport for London (TfL) has announced that by the end of 2012 readers across the whole TfL network will have been upgraded so that a touch of a contactless bank or credit card will allow passengers to pay for travel on the bus, Tube, Docklands Light Railway (DLR), Tram, and London Overground network.

Study Says Free Checking is Alive and Well at Credit Unions

Bankrate logo 140pxBankrate's 2nd annual Credit Union Checking Study reveals that free checking accounts are alive and well at many of the nation's top credit unions.
" found that 96% of the nation's largest credit unions offer a checking account that is free, or can become free with minimal effort," said Greg McBride, CFA, senior financial analyst for "Even with continued declines in the prevalence of free checking, it remains within the grasp of most Americans and credit unions are a viable option."
The results of the study can be found here.

February 23, 2011

What's Up With Glenbrook

GP Logo Horizontal-140px.png Upcoming payments boot camps, more webinars, eCommerce market analysis reports, and private payment workshops...
Payments Boot Camps – Two day “deep dive” into the industry, $1995
Apr 13-14, 2011: New York City - with Bryan Derman and Carol Coye Benson
May 18-19, 2011: Santa Clara, CA - with Scott Loftesness and Carol Coye Benson

Payments Essentials Webinars – Tuesdays from 10:30AM -11:30AM PST, $149
March 1, 2011: Local Country Payments - with Erin McCune
March 8, 2011: Bill-to-Mobile Payments - with Scott Loftesness

eCommerce Market Analysis Reports
Three new reports on India, South Korea, and South Africa bring our total up to eight detailed reports on global online payments acceptance in various markets around the world.

Private Payment Workshops
New agendas are available, including the Advanced Payments Workshop, Advanced Card Payments Workshop, The Merchant’s Perspective, Global eCommerce, Business-to-Business Payments, and Digital Content and Payments. Get your team up to speed!

Online Retailers Can Now Process eBillme Payments over Discover Network

EBillme logo 140pxeBillme has announced that the payment option will now be available on the Discover Network through CardinalCommerce’s Centinel Universal Merchant Platform. As a result of this new partnership, online merchants will now be able to quickly integrate eBillme acceptance with integrated settlement and reporting via the Discover Network.

Girl Scouts Accepting Cards for Cookies with GoPayment

Girl scouts logo 140pxIntuit has announced that it "has equipped the Girl Scouts of North East Ohio with its GoPayment mobile payment app, including a free Intuit credit card reader, and reduced pricing on transaction fees. GoPayment provides them with an easy and affordable way to process credit card payments on their mobile devices while protecting sensitive credit card information with industry-leading data encryption."

February 22, 2011

Fortumo and BilltoMobile Form Partnership for Direct Mobile Billing in US

Fortumo logo 140pxFortumo has announced a partnership with BilltoMobile that brings direct mobile billing in the US to online game developers in Europe and Asia.
Direct billing has significantly lower transaction fees as compared to Premium SMS, which means that developers will earn more from every transaction. In addition to that direct billing also brings improved security.
With the BilltoMobile partnership, Fortumo can now offer its merchants access to about 70% of the US mobile users via direct mobile billing, and access to another 25% of mobile users through Premium SMS.

Fiserv Delivering Discover E-Bills to Financial Institution Websites

Fiserv logo 60pxhFiserv has announced that Discover Financial Services is now offering electronic bills through the more than 3,000 banks and credit unions in the Fiserv bill payment network. Cardmembers who pay their Discover bill online at their financial institution website will see an icon notifying them that a paperless, electronic version of their bill is now available at that site, and will be able to sign up for the service immediately.

February 21, 2011

February 18, 2011

BilltoMobile and Sprint Team up to Provide Carrier Billing to Subscribers

BilltoMobile logoBilltoMobile has announced an agreement to provide Sprint customers the ability to charge online purchases directly to their Sprint bill using BilltoMobile’s Direct Mobile Billing technology. This makes BilltoMobile the first mobile payments company to establish a direct billing connection to Sprint as well as the only mobile payments company to have a direct billing connection to with three major U.S. carriers (AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint).

February 17, 2011

U.S. Congress Hearings on Dodd-Frank Act and Durbin Amendment

Congress logo 140pxThe U.S. House Committee on Financial Services Hearing on the "Implications and Consequences of the Durbin Amendment" was held today. The House website has a video webcast of the hearing and the written testimony of all the different stakeholders. The U.S. Senate Banking Committee is also holding a hearing on the Dodd-Frank Act today.

Various outlets have different takes on how the proposed Federal Reserve rules are being received in the industry:

The Federal Reserve is currently working to finalizes the Durbin Amendment rules under an April 21 deadline set in last years Dodd-Frank Act.

ClairMail Launches Mobile Fraud Management Solution

Clairmail logo 140pxClairMail has announced a new mobile fraud management solution for banks and their customers to oversee and quickly respond to fraudulent transactions directly through the mobile channel.
ClairMail's Fraud Solution works with existing FI fraud systems and processes to help mitigate card, Direct Deposit Account (DDA), online banking and identity fraud by leveraging all the capabilities of the ubiquitous mobile device and the robust alerting and orchestration capabilities of the ClairMail platform.
This video nicely illustrates how the whole thing works.

BB&T Introduces New Prepaid MoneyAccount

Bb t logo 140pxBB&T has announced the launch of the BB&T MoneyAccount, which is a prepaid transaction account tied to a Visa-branded debit card.
"Nearly 60 million Americans do not have a bank account today or they are underbanked," noted Scott Qualls. "The BB&T MoneyAccount is a prepaid solution that provides our clients with a secure and easy way to access their funds. It also features a simple, transparent fee structure."
The BB&T MoneyAccount has FDIC insurance and offers many of the features typically associated with a traditional checking account.

February 16, 2011

Glenbrook Expands eCommerce Market Analysis Series

India eCommerce Market Analysis Glenbrook has expanded its series of eCommerce Market Analysis Reports with new profiles of India, South Korea, and South Africa.
These reports are designed to help U.S. companies better understand eCommerce markets around the world — what local acceptance practices make each unique, what payment options are necessary to reach a critical mass of online buyers, and which payment providers can assist with market entry.
These three new reports complement our existing analysis of the eCommerce markets in China, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, and Poland. Let us know if you have or are interest in discounted, multi-report pricing.

Google Introduces 'One Pass' Digital Content Service

Google logo 140pxGoogle has announced Google One Pass, their new digital content service that lets publishers set their own prices and terms for access to premium content.
Readers who purchase from a One Pass publisher can access their content on tablets, smartphones and websites using a single sign-on with an email and password. Importantly, the service helps publishers authenticate existing subscribers so that readers don’t have to re-subscribe in order to access their content on new devices.
For publishers, Google claims the service supports subscription access, metered access, "freemium" content access, discounted access for print subscribers, and per-click access for occasional readers. Payments piece is handled via Google Checkout; Google takes a 10% cut.

Website is here; blog announcement is here.

February 15, 2011

Yankee Group Pegs Global Mobile Commerce At Nearly $1 Trillion by 2014

Yankee group logo 140pxYankee Group has announced a new report that indicates while mobile transaction usage is growing, consumers show little willingness to pay for these services.
The company’s forecasts predict unprecedented growth in mobile transactions worldwide, with the total value of global mobile transactions increasing from $162 billion in 2010 to $984 billion in 2014. However, Yankee Group’s consumer survey results show that less than 10 percent of respondents would be willing to pay extra for mobile transaction services such as mobile banking, mobile coupons and mobile payments.
Against this $1 trillion backdrop, "the value of NFC-based transactions will explode from $27 million in 2010 to $40 billion in 2014."

Utiba Announces International Remittance Clearinghouse Service

Utiba logo 140pxUtiba has announced a new initiative targeting the international mobile remittances market. "The new initiative offers a neutral corridor routing and currency exchange clearinghouse for mobile-to-mobile and traditional money remittances."

VeriFone and LifeNexus Partner On Personal Health Cards

Verifone logo 140pxVeriFone and LifeNexus, the developer of the iChip and Personal Health Card, have announced an agreement to provide iChip acceptance software on VeriFone payment acceptance solutions. "The LifeNexus Personal Health Card is the first multi-purpose electronic health card utilizing the embedded iChip for securely maintaining an individual’s health record and incorporates a payment card option."


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