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December 03, 2010

Debit Cards Overtake Cash in the UK for the First Time

payments_council_logo_140px.pngCash has finally succumbed to the rise of the debit card in the UK according to a recent announcement from the UK Payments Council.
Sandra Quinn, Director of Communications, Payments Council explained: “Cash is too cumbersome for many consumers these days – they prefer a card for anything more than the smallest transactions. We now expect our debit cards to be accepted everywhere we go – in pubs and clubs, at the corner shop, online and on the high street. Having quickly supplanted cheques, then claimed the scalp of credit cards, they have now usurped cash’s throne too.”

Zeevex Launches 'Zeevex Social', a New Social Payment Service Powered by Twitpay

zeevex_logo_140px.pngZeevex, an InComm company distributing virtual currency cards through national retailers in the U.S., has announced that it "has entered into an exclusive agreement with Twitpay to bring viral social network payments to the online game market."


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