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November 29, 2010

Visa Offering International Online Shopping Solutions for Consumers

visa_logo-140px.jpgVisa has announced a series of promotions with two online shopping services - Borderlinx in 12 countries around the world and SkyBOX in more than 40 countries in Latin America - making it easier for Visa cardholders to shop on the internet for items from the United States this holiday season.

Mobile Money Service Comes to Haiti With "TchoTcho Mobile"

scotiabank_logo_140px.png digicel_logo_140px.png Digicel and Scotiabank have announced the launch of their mobile money product in Haiti. "TchoTcho Mobile allows Haitians to complete basic banking functions such as cash withdrawals, deposits and transfers safely and securely through their mobile phone and does not require them to have a traditional bank account."

Merchant Advisory Group Releases Recommendations for Move to Mobile Payments

The Merchant Advisory Group (MAG) has announced a high-level set of policy and technology recommendations for changing how U.S. payment systems work. "This 'Mobile Road-map' will be submitted to stakeholder groups in the payments business to help them understand merchant needs and preferences in transitioning to more secure and efficient transacting—especially with mobile devices."

The position paper is here (PDF). The key take away is the group endorses widespread use of Chip & PIN in the U.S.

U.S. Credit Card Delinquencies Continue to Fall to 1999 Levels,EMc.jpgTransUnion has announced the results of its quarterly analysis of credit card industry trends.
The national credit card delinquency rate (the ratio of bankcard borrowers 90 days or more delinquent on one or more of their credit cards) decreased to 0.83 percent in the third quarter of 2010, down almost 9.8% over the previous quarter. Year over year, credit card delinquencies fell by 24.6%.
TransUnion's analysis also estimates that more than eight million consumers in the U.S. stopped actively using bank-issued, general purpose credit cards over the past year.

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Visa Adds New Features to Rightcliq by Visa

visa_logo-140px.jpgVisa has announced a series of enhancements to Rightcliq by Visa that "add even more convenience and security to the online shopping experience. The enhancements will nearly triple the number of discounts available to online shoppers, make it even easier to track shipments to their doorstep and include support for the Google Chrome browser."


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