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paysafecard Now Available in the United States

Paysafecard_logo_140px.pngpaysafecard has announced that its online prepaid voucher is now available in the US market.

"Unlike open loop prepaid cards that are common in the US, paysafecard vouchers do not charge any fees to the consumer. Customers also do not have to register themselves when using a paysafecard. Another specific characteristic of the voucher is that it is not limited to one particular game or online-shop. It can be used at any website that offers paysafecard as a payment method."

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Finally some sensible prepaid solution!

I've been living in Europe for a while and been using paysafecards to top up Skype and stuff during that time and I so hated that it wasn't available in the US when I returned.

My VISA had been hacked two times in the past and I only use prepaids now but paying per transaction is insane and psc is the only one I know that charges you nothing at all for using it.

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