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GDS Link Selected by RBS WorldPay for Merchant Fraud Detection

RBS WorldPayGDS Link has announced that is has been selected by RBS WorldPay to incorporate its DataView360 decisioning technology for better portfolio segmentation and merchant fraud identification. According to the company, "with DataView360, clients can implement and manage their fraud-based rules for several business functions, including screening for fraudulent transactions or generating knowledge-based questions and answers."

“Accounting for emerging fraud trends and patterns is an absolute in our industry,” said Billi Jo Wright, vice president of transaction risk and collections for RBS WorldPay. “With GDS Link’s configurable technology we can tailor the risk management processes that we deploy to our unique needs, meaning that we can further define rules for each vertical within our portfolio. Doing so enables us to reduce losses, react to fraud trends and gain new business as a result.”

With DataView360, RBS WorldPay can create and implement multiple risk and fraud thresholds based on several variables. This approach to identifying potential anomalies in merchant fraud activity improves the customer experience and increases the overall performance of service delivery that RBS WorldPay provides its merchants.

“DataView360 has enabled RBS WorldPay to implement and manage its own custom risk and fraud rules, resulting in more effective fraud mitigation,” explained Paul Greenwood, president of GDS Link. ”GDS Link works as the enabling technology for financial institutions to better understand the behavior patterns of the customer lifecycle in various demographics, and then implement and manage the policies that help drive customer behaviors.”

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