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June 03, 2010

First Data Looks at Fraud Trends: "Fraud as a Service"

First Data Corp.A new white paper titled "Fraud Trends in 2010: Top Threats From a Growing Underground Economy" by Rick Van Luvender Director, First Data InfoSec Incident Response Center, First Data Corp. is now available.

Interestingly, he writes: "...just as corporate IT managers have come to rely on the Internet to satisfy on-demand software needs in the form of Software as a Service (SaaS), so has the underground economy developed a similar infrastructure for delivering Fraud as a Service (FaaS), according to fraud experts from the InfoSec Incident Response Center at First Data."

MasterCard MoneySend Now Available for iPhone and iPad Users

MasterCardMasterCard has announced the availability of the MasterCard MoneySend service for iPhone and iPad users - providing a new way to transfer money in the United States from person-to person from iPhone or iPad's. MasterCard MoneySend is now available for free download at the iPhone App Store. READ MORE »

Monitise Americas Introduces iPhone Mobile Banking App for Smaller Banks

MonitiseMonitise Americas has announced that PyraMax Bank has launched an iPhone app powered by its technology. According to Monitise, "the release heralds a turning point in the mobile banking industry. Until now, bank-branded iPhone applications have been the privilege only of big-spending, large banks. However, thanks to its world-class technology, Monitise Americas can now build iPhone apps quickly and cost effectively, enabling mobile banking for many more financial institutions than previously possible." READ MORE »

Target to Offer Target REDcardholders 5% Off at Checkout

TargetTarget has announced that beginning this fall customers will receive 5 percent off at check-out every day when they use a REDcard at any Target store or on Target’s REDcards include the Target Credit Card, Target Visa Credit Card and Target Check Card debit product. READ MORE »

Headline News - June 3, 2010

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