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Verifi Adds Hosted Payment Page for Ecommerce Merchants

VerifiVerifi has announced the availability of a new hosted payment page that enables merchants to outsource PCI compliance and fraud prevention. Verifi says its hosted payment page "provides retailers with complete flexibility to customize their checkout page for a seamless, branded customer experience, along with tools to optimize sales conversions."

Verifi’s hosted payment option meets the needs of online retailers who want to avoid the high cost and exposure associated with PCI compliance. Verifi encrypts credit card data and stores it in its PCI Level I vault, delivering a tokenized code to the merchant for use in managing ongoing customer transactions. According to Gartner, merchants that outsource PCI compliance save $2.7 million on average. Verifi’s fully managed services, including hosted payment, tokenization and chargeback representment, truly eliminate the need for e-commerce merchants to ever touch a cardholder’s account number.

Verifi’s hosted payment solution provides cutting edge fraud prevention technology such as Device Intelligence™, IP Intelligence™ and Payer Authentication at the click of a button with no additional integration required. Merchants can utilize Verifi’s Rules Engine to set and apply risk controls and strategies based on these technologies as well as payment information like AVS, CVV, and more.

“Our hosted payment page option is a huge sigh of relief for customers,” said Jeff Sawitke, Chief Product Officer at Verifi. “This solution simultaneously gets rid of two very costly and risky issues for our clients. Not only are we able to save our customers sizeable amounts of money by removing their PCI obligations but we are giving them fraud protection at the point-of-sale, without the time and money it takes to integrate numerous fraud prevention solutions,” says Sawitke.

Verifi’s hosted payment page solution also ensures that online shoppers have a seamless, speedy and branded customer experience. The system provides complete design flexibility so companies can develop check-out pages that reflect their brand. Users also have the ability to conduct side-by-side check-out tests to gain insights that improve customer conversion rates by testing colors, images and fonts, dynamic billing descriptors, required fields and content, all with conversion analytics. The solution is self-service so users can update and make changes at anytime from their computer.

Verifi’s hosted payment page solution is available immediately. It works with most open source shopping carts and provides direct connectivity to all of the major payment processors. For more information see

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