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Plastic Jungle, Offerpal Launch Virtual Currency Exchange for Gift Cards

PlasticJungle_logo-140px.pngPlastic Jungle and Offerpal Media have announced an agreement to "allow consumers to convert unused and partially redeemed gift cards into a payment method for virtual currencies. Through this agreement, consumers will be able to exchange gift cards for purchasing power within thousands of the Web’s top online games, virtual worlds and social networks, tapping the estimated $30 billion unredeemed gift card economy."

“Plastic Jungle excels at helping people exchange gift cards for whatever it is they really want,” said George Garrick, CEO of Offerpal Media. “Our collaboration brings social gamers yet another way to access virtual currency on the games, applications, and sites they love.”

“Plastic Jungle frees trapped money in the form of unspent gift cards and allows it to start moving again,” said Gary Briggs, CEO of Plastic Jungle. “Working with Offerpal, a leader in virtual currency monetization, further taps the unredeemed gift card economy for the benefit of game developers and social publishers and their consumers. We are excited to provide a useful solution for millions of passionate, engaged, and motivated social gamers and the gift cards they have tucked away in their sock drawers.”

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