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An iPad Cash Register from Square

mzl.hzgifnkl.480x480-75.jpgSee Erick Schonfeld's TechCrunch article "Square Turns Your iPad Into A Cash Register" about Square's new application for the Apple iPad - free in the iTunes Store.

From the application description:

Quickly and securely accept payments for your business, service, charity, or even your couch. Generate email and SMS receipts for cash and card payments, maintain frequently sold items, calculate sales tax, and effortlessly manage and visualize all the money you take with an intuitive web-based interface."

More on the Square web site.

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Great work from Jack and the team. Although there are already options to use an iPad as a cash register. I work for a startup called Vend, with a web based point of sale app. There are a few of others too (Erply, Cashier Live).

The real innovation of Square's latest release is the promise of a walletless/cashless payment system. Vend is working on integrating with the Square API (already we integrate with Shopify, Xero, Magento). It's these sorts of innovations that make Point of Sale a very cool area of technology now.

A long overdue shake up to the industry, which only progresses faster when a large, well-heeled player like Square puts their hat in!

I am CEO of Square and Paypal are doing a brilliant job of bringing so much attention to this market. At the moment small merchants are flocking for these services as up until now it has been a difficult complex process to set-up card acceptance for business owners.

There is no doubt they are attracting a lot of business and attention. This is good news for the slow-to-respond retail market. As Nick from vend said the wallet/card case app is a great inovation that can bring real rewards to small merchants.

That said the high street market is diverse and whilst Paypal and Square headline the show their will be many new start-ups like Tillify that card niches's in this field. We are working on some super cool apps for retail that like square will bring real changes to the high street.

This innovation is going to bring business from the web back to local street stores and restaurants. This will fuel a new wave of small business better equipt'd to trade in the new commerce platform that is emerging.

Something that is much needed in our towns and cities.

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