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February 22, 2010

Frictionless - and Almost Free - Payments?

In an article titled "The Future of Money: It’s Flexible, Frictionless and (Almost) Free", Daniel Roth writes for about the world of electronic payments...

Moving money, once a function managed only by the biggest companies in the world, is now a feature available to any code jockey. Ivey is just one of hundreds of engineers and entrepreneurs who are attacking the payment ecosystem, seeking out ways small and large to tear down the stronghold the banks and credit card companies have built."

Payments Friction

Wired Magazine has published an article titled "From Credit Card to PayPal: 3 Ways to Move Money" that graphically depicts the payments process for a) credit cards, b) iTunes and c) PayPal. Can you guess who's most "frictionless" - according to Wired?

Fed Provides New Online Publication re: Overdraft Rules for Debit Cards

The Federal Reserve has provided a new online Federal Reserve Board publication titled What You Need to Know: New Overdraft Rules for Debit and ATM Cards intended to help consumers better understand rules that provide additional protection when a debit card or automated teller machine (ATM) transaction causes an account to be overdrawn. READ MORE »

A Look at Global eCommerce and Declining Fraud Rates

CyberSource reports that its 11th annual Online Fraud Report shows that among U.S./Canadian merchants accepting international orders, 21% of their online orders came from abroad, up from 17% the year before and 8% in 2005. According to the company, "this steady growth is supported by dramatic progress in meeting the increased fraud challenge of international orders, with 50% lower fraud rates and 30% lower order rejection rates." READ MORE »

Acculynk Forms Internet PIN Debit Advisory Council

Acculynk has announced an Internet PIN Debit Advisory Council to "establish the processes, procedures, rules and best practices around PaySecure for Internet PIN debit." The company says that the PIN debit networks ACCEL/Exchange, Alaska Option, Credit Union 24, PULSE and SHAZAM are participating in the Council. READ MORE »

Visa Appoints Bill Gajda as Head of Mobile

Visa has announced that Bill Gajda, currently Chief Commercial Officer at the GSMA, will join Visa as head of mobile. Visa said that Gajda’s position "is designed to further advance Visa’s mobile strategy, working in collaboration with the wireless and financial services industries to bring mobile payments and related services to consumers around the globe." READ MORE »

Headline News - February 22, 2010

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